Friday, October 19, 2012

The Best Candidate

My five-year-old friend is pretty intuitive. He surprises me all the time with his deep social insights, like proclaiming that "those children are wild," as we walk by a group of school-aged kids on holidays, or his most recent observation: Political signs.

"I keep seeing that sign everywhere, Ms. Renee," He said on our daily walk to the park. "Omney Ryan. (Hey, the stylized R is tricky for new readers, right?) Even my aunt has it on her car."

I thought I'd use his keen eye as an opportunity to discuss the nuances of our political system here in the good ol' USofA, so I explained how, in our country, we get to choose our president to run the government. He totally got it because he quickly exclaimed, "Well, I choose chocolate."

Me too, my friend. Me too. The world would be such a better place.

On a side note, he also asked me who Crock Olama is later on in the day. I think he meant Barack Obama, but you never know.

What funny Kidism has the election sparked in your home?

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