Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shark Bait

As a tour guide at a local zoological park, I have the awesome opportunity to introduce guests to animals they never even imagined getting close to. On one of our tours, I instruct groups on how to touch a shark. No, no, no. Not a big scary one. It's a tiny white spotted bamboo shark. But that doesn't stop the imagination of some from wandering.

Before I invite everyone up for their photo op, I go over the instructions and demonstrate. "You're going to use two finger and touch the shark right along the back. After that, come and get a paper towel and some hand sanitizer."

Pretty simple, right? I asked the group if they had any questions and one of the younger guests raised his hand. 

"Should we use our two least favorite fingers?" he asked.

Best question ever! And now I've got a new line in my spiel.

I made it out with all of my fingers still intact!