Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Growing Up is Tough

I'm currently in the throes of a pretty gnarley quarter-life crisis. Growing up, trying to find a big-girl job, and figuring out who the heck I really am and what I want and where I'm going and how I'll get there and who I'll go with (deep breath) is driving me crazy! It's all exhausting and frustrating, plus it makes me long for the good ol' days of childhood when, for some silly reason, I thought this whole adult thing was awesome. Now I spend my days warning little ones of the risks of growing up.

So, imagine my admiration when my six-year-old friend (who just happened to do a bit of growing up by starting first grade) complained that his shoes were getting too tight. "You've got to stop growing," I scolded him.

"Well, I'm trying not to," he replied. "I just put some young cream on my legs the other day. Feel 'em, Ms. Renée! They're smooth like a baby now!"

Luckily, my little friend has found the resolution to my quarter-life crisis! The only problem is, with my glamourous 20-something income, a good "young cream" is out of the question.