Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Tale of a Grownup Child

Usually I like to tell stories about children, but yesterday my husband said something that you've just got to hear!

When we first got married he insisted that our dishes only be washed by hand because, obviously, the dishwasher can't clean as well as my poor little hands. Our dishwasher was used as a glorified drying wrack until he decided to turn it on one day when he "did" the dishes. Jerk move, but I followed suit and eventually he got used to the idea of the dishwasher.

Last night as I put away a huge load of clean dishes, I decided to reminisce about the not so good ol' days with the silly Moroccan man.

"Remember when you used to think that we can only wash dishes by hand?" I asked. "What were you thinking?"

"Yeah," He said. "It's getting better."

"What's getting better?"

"My brain."

At least he is willing to admit it.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Job to Fill

There's nothing like the admiration of a child to boost your ego and make you feel loved. My sweet little four-year-old Canadian cousin and I were Skyping (is that a word?) together the other night and he told me all about his plans for my life. I'm going to move to Canada and come to his school and be the orca whale teacher who shares lots of information about all sorts of marine life with his class. That's what I do in Florida, after all, right? Somehow though, I don't think it'd be as interesting without the visual reference that the real life animals provide.

One of the Biggest Killer Whale (and Renée) Fans Around

After he was done explaining my future, he reminded me just how much he missed me by saying that he wished I could come out of the computer and be in his house for real. Yikes! Just rip my heart right out, why don't ya?! If only employers and peers felt the same... But that might make my head a little too big, so I guess I'll stick to having kid and animal friends for now.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Somebody Needs a Haircut

Apparently my two-year-old friend needs a haircut, but nothing more. He told me yesterday that his hair kept getting his his eyes, so I suggested we find him some gel to keep it out of his eyes.

"No, Miss Enay!" He said with raised and worried eyebrows. "I don't want to go to Jail. That is for bad people."

Language is so tricky. I've watched him go from babbles to complete sentences and conversations, but sometimes words just sound too much alike for the little guy. Good thing "haircut" is difficult to misunderstand. Or so I think.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Phone Chats and Slow Races

Today I had the privilege of chatting with my four-year-old cousin in Canada over the phone and I must say, he is quite the conversationalist. He is especially good at coming up with intriguing topics when it's time to go to bed or hang up the phone. The only problem is, he has such good things to talk about that I hardly want to cut him off because it's so interesting.

For instance, today we talked about how his soccer outfit makes him look like a killer whale, reminisced about feeding dolphins and how following the directions will lead to a bite-free day when interacting with animals, discussed how superior halloween is in Florida because your costume isn't limited by coats and cold weather, and finally we came to triathlons. Triathlons are perfect for kids. They love swimming, running and biking. A lot. Why hasn't someone capitalized on this market? Anyway, my four-year-old cousin also informed me that he is really fast and he wants to race his friends. But he would only pick his slow friends to race against. Good idea.

On a slightly related note, I've recently caught the 5K bug and may be moderately addicted to running through theme parks and streets for charity. If only they had the same race requirements as my little cousin. I'd finish in much better standing, I'm sure.