Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Job to Fill

There's nothing like the admiration of a child to boost your ego and make you feel loved. My sweet little four-year-old Canadian cousin and I were Skyping (is that a word?) together the other night and he told me all about his plans for my life. I'm going to move to Canada and come to his school and be the orca whale teacher who shares lots of information about all sorts of marine life with his class. That's what I do in Florida, after all, right? Somehow though, I don't think it'd be as interesting without the visual reference that the real life animals provide.

One of the Biggest Killer Whale (and Renée) Fans Around

After he was done explaining my future, he reminded me just how much he missed me by saying that he wished I could come out of the computer and be in his house for real. Yikes! Just rip my heart right out, why don't ya?! If only employers and peers felt the same... But that might make my head a little too big, so I guess I'll stick to having kid and animal friends for now.

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