Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Tale of a Grownup Child

Usually I like to tell stories about children, but yesterday my husband said something that you've just got to hear!

When we first got married he insisted that our dishes only be washed by hand because, obviously, the dishwasher can't clean as well as my poor little hands. Our dishwasher was used as a glorified drying wrack until he decided to turn it on one day when he "did" the dishes. Jerk move, but I followed suit and eventually he got used to the idea of the dishwasher.

Last night as I put away a huge load of clean dishes, I decided to reminisce about the not so good ol' days with the silly Moroccan man.

"Remember when you used to think that we can only wash dishes by hand?" I asked. "What were you thinking?"

"Yeah," He said. "It's getting better."

"What's getting better?"

"My brain."

At least he is willing to admit it.

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