Monday, September 3, 2012

The Enlightenment of the Ice Blocks

Pinterest is my lifesaver when it comes to finding ideas for the kids that I nanny. I recently saw a great idea for using ice cubes to build igloos with kids (Hello? Why didn't I think of this first?!? Kids love blocks, so making them from ice on a hot day is such a great time-killer!). Here's the blog post it's linked up to, in case you were wondering.

Well, igloo building with a five and two-year-old quickly turned into an ice slamming competition until all the blocks were gone...Or so they thought. My five-year-old friend saw a glimmering piece of green ice behind my leg and dodged for it. He held it close to his cheek and whispered "Hallowed be thy name," to the ice cube as if he had discovered gold. If only you had heard him say it!

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